Anybody working on sets?

During my time collecting autographs I’ve never been into attempting to complete a set. Now call me crazy, but, this set interests me a lot and yes there are big names but you can accomplish anything with time, effort, and maybe a little cash for Jordan haha!

If anyone has any 1991 NBA Fleer Autographed Cards that they’d like to trade or sell, please let me know by messaging me through the contact button on the home page!


Black Line = Have the card signed.

Blue Dot = Mailed them a card to sign but haven’t received back yet.

I will be updating this checklist periodically so that you all can see where I am at! Thank you all for looking and I hope you enjoy the page and find something you like!


My name is Darrell Bolte and I would like to personally welcome you to my company’s new website! I’ve been looking into this for a long time and finally gathered up the ideas and time to get this thing going! It has always been one of my dreams to start an autograph/memorabilia company and now that time is here!

I will be selling authentic and affordable autographs of athletes and celebrities of all kinds, along with supplies to protect your collection!

I will even be sharing tips/tricks for in person ‘graphing and sending Autograph Requests TTM (Through The Mail) to help you maximize your time, money, and expand your collection to heights you’d never imagined previously!

I hope you enjoy!

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